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Caroline S. Asante is an award-winning former BBC broadcaster and programme maker for nine years, with over 20 years experience in digital media. She is a British sustainability educator, editor, author, and social commentator.  Born in London she has travelled extensively and has lived in Canada, the United States and Japan. Her mother is of Guyanese and Brazilian heritage and her late father, a Judge, is of Ghanaian heritage.


She is the founding editor of her blog Sustainable Diva Mag, the commissioning sustainability editor of Velvet Magazine at Iliffe Media Publishing Group and in 2018 founded the UK’s first city-wide Eco Living Festival in Cambridge. Always on the pulse of the latest developments in the field of sustainability, culture and social commentary, Caroline is passionate about human development and consciousness  and the importance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a core foundation for climate literacy. And  believes living life with purpose and joy is the philosophy of life.


An enthusiast for environment and well being, Caroline says these areas are intrinsically interwoven and underpin the theme of her current work.

"We cannot achieve any form of sustainable future, until all human beings experience the fundamental rights of well-being. The human-induced climate crisis across this planet reflects the discord of poverty, gender inequality and fundamental social injustice being witnessed everyday regardless of geographical location.  We are at a precipice of change in human history, as we emerge from a pandemic like no other. This is not the junction of doom however, but of optimism to renew and rebuild our collective futures. Only collaboration and cooperation in unity will lead to the path of a peaceful planet and prosperous people."

Currently Ms. Asante is author of several self-empowerment journals for women and is producing and hosting a new Sustainable Development Goals podcast series amplifying the voices of women around the world, who are at the front-line of climate change.  

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