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Caroline S. Asante

Caroline S. Asante (She/Her) is a British writer, editor, columnist, sustainability educator and festival founder. She is an award-winning former BBC Radio Broadcaster, journalist and producer for nine years, with over two decades of digital media content, event curation, publishing and communications experience.

Fluent in climate literacy, she has a MSc in Sustainability and Environmental Science from Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge and  founded and managed the UK's first city-wide Eco Living Festival in Cambridge (2017- 2019). An influential networker, Caroline is passionate about creating positive change in the world through her work and uses her communication expertise to amplify climate change, social justice, gender equality and holistic well-being.


Services offered and Areas of Expertise 


Bespoke (written, visual and audio), editorial content and communication in the areas of sustainability, net zero lifestyle, climate tech and innovation. 


Audio and video senior production

co-ordination, content and management. Professional journalism, public and media relations


Research combined with event development, strategy and implementation. Trend forecasting on any subject.


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All we really want is a Happy Well Being Life 

Hello and Welcome!

I'm Caroline S. Asante, a vibrational shifter and manifestor of creative endeavours with a mission to bring joy and happinesses to everyone and everything I interact with. What do you really want in life? What is your life purpose? A question I asked myself many times during the pandemic, which was a positive, challenging and yet cathartic experience of clarity for me.I realised all I really want is a Happy Well Being Life.And maybe this is the core experience everyone is striving for through career, love, money and the constant yearning for more.So what began as a little one-ff podcast one show now expands to include.

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Turnaround fear, anxiety and negative thought patterns into appreciation, calm and abundance in just 17 seconds. 


Pre-order my latest guided Journal launching 

Q1 2023

The 17 Second Turnaround
by Caroline S. Asante  

Your guided energy transformation journal.

My journal is designed to keep you in your lane of well-being and abundance. Learn to clearly focus on attracting your adunance by increasing your frequency through the energy uplighting daily rituals in this book.


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Let's Work Together 
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